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January 06, 2009



Love your blog! Left an award for you at mine. Thanks!


Your room is beautiful and such an inspiration! I love all the personal touches that make it so much more than an office/workspace. Amazing....you should be on HGTV.

eva jorgensen

wow. very inspiring. one of these days i'll be organized like you and your sister. (thanks for linking to our frame mats, too!)


hi candice,

yes, you have to go back to the doughnut plant! (we went last monday too --mlk day and it was closed. we thought it was just for the holiday but it sounds like from your comment they are closed every monday. good to know!) the creme brulee was our favorite.
and i just took a look around your adorable blog! i love what you do with your photos. also, we have a chalk board wall in our apartment and i had one in my old apartment around the corner before i got married too. they are wonderful and we love them! (and yes, they paint back to white perfectly. no messes there.)




What a great pictures!!!!! I have never seen like these pictures. Totally mind blowing. Thank you so much for posting such an excellent pictures.

- Kate.


wow! love your room! It doesnt really look that small in the photos. I may do the chicken wire thing in my room too- so clever!
I am wondering about the last photo- what is the thing holding pencil crayons? Is that what they are? Pencil crayons? It's under the 3 white buckets? looks very cool.


Your office is awesome! I'm so jealous of your ability to create bright, beautiful, creative spaces. I want an office just like yours!! I mean I would take an exact replica if I could. :)

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LOVE your STUDIO...so dang cute....can't wait to meet you at CPR! Chat soon, Sarah

Katrinna J.

Love your room. I am still fixing my space in my daughter's room (which is my scrapbook room now). I do love your vegetable & fruit bin. I love Ikea too. I got
my desk from them 2 years ago, but still enjoy working in it. Thanks for sharing your creativeness!!


I am SO inspired! Just got into this paper crafting hobby last Nov. I can't believe all the things that are needed...well wanted! My next project is to create my own studio/office. Been researching photos for over a month now and have not really been moved - until now! Thanks for sharing your space and giving me ideas. Many awesome creations must come out of your special room!


I am in love with this space. Thank you for sharing! I especially love that fruit and vegetable bin... and I'm secretly plotting on going to carpentry school so I can make one for myself. Ha ha. Thanks again.

Tara a.k.a teeleedee

Awesome Office! I love IT!



What an amazing space you have there! Beautiful! It must be very inspiring for your work.


Goodness! I'm drooling over your space. Very creative and very well laid out. Love it.

The stainless kitchen island from Ikea? Do you recall the name of it?

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Life is only if the "first meet ", that would be...

Viv @ The Eclectic Life

Love your office! I pinned several of your office photos on my Pinterest today. I really love your work and your office!


I'm getting ready to organize my own craft room, and have been searching for inspiration! I featured your creative space on my blog! Thanks for inspiring! Here is the link:



Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy

This looks awesome! Love it! I would love for you to link this to my Organizing Mission Monday link party! I will also be pinterest. That is where I found you.

Clinton Harvin

Your office looks splendid, Candice! The design, the furniture, the wall items -- they all fit in together. Even if its small, your office is just so awesome that I'm sure even the people with claustrophobia wouldn't mind working there. Good job! It's a great manifestation of your creative skills. :)


Another one wondering about the colored pencil dispenser! Where did you find it?


Hi there! I too, am dying to know about the colored pencil dispenser. What a fabulous idea!


Hi there! The color pencil holder was from the pottery barn outlet a few years ago. I'm not sure if they have it in real stores still or not. Sorry! I wish I could be of more help on that one!

Karen Raffenaud

I know I'm a little late to the game, but I'm wondering where the colored pencil dispenser is from? Sorry if you've already explained that item, but I couldn't seem to find it in your posting!

Karen Raffenaud

I am so inspired! I would also like to know about the colored pencil holder! It is fantastic!


Thanks for sharing your room. I love all the explanations of where you got everything. Lots of info. I never would have thought of the chicken wire, VERY cool! I do love that black fruit and veg bin. I've seen the book shelf kind, but the removable bins are the most useful. I will look out for something like that for myself...

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