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May 02, 2009



Candice -- He has your eye--Congratulations! I am convinced now it must be in the "genes" especially after reviewing your parent's great shots from the web and class (LOL)

Love the red balloons!


Love this picture!

heidi d

great picture! where do you find those big red balloons??

Ellen Patton

cool photo!


I love this picture!

Tami Murray Cline

so very very frameworthy, are you building his portfolio for art school then? I can only hope I pass the same amount of talent on to my daughter

Alicia W.

I love it! Are red balloons the next best thing to an umbrella? I'm just askin'...I think they are great! Good job Grant!

Nicky from Canada

Love it - I am with you on the fly away - there are days!!
Grant's working on his portfolio

naomi megan

those look familiar! love this!!

Jenn Claar

Love the photo! And I too sometimes wish i could FLY away....


i was just going on your site because i have been dreaming up a coney island shoot for a while and thought you might be interested in working together on that. looks like you're one step ahead of me. email me if you're interested. i'm a hairstylist by the way. rubia[dot]jones[at]gmail[dot]com


I love this picture! You've definitely passed your talent along. And, no, you're not the only one. :)


Me encanta esta foto!!!!

Cynthia Dameron

Hi, Candice. I am looking at your blog and videos to determine which camera I should ask for for Mother's Day. And we are related! Warren is my first cousin, his Dad Ashby and my Dad Bronson were brothers. I noted your daughter has Aunt Zelma's red hair!


omg i knew that's where u were. There's a Coney Island in Upstate NY that they "copied"


You are definitely not the only one. Love the photo.


Okay, Candice...time to blog again!!! :D


I just signed up for your oh shoot class. Can't wait!! Would love to hear about what your families been up to since may!! :)


Thniknig like that is really impressive


This posting kocnked my socks off

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