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April 21, 2011



I loved this class! Whoever wins this is lucky!


I would love to take the class and learn to use my camera better. I especially have problems taking action pictures in doors.
Thanks for posting about the class!!!


i would LOVE to win this! i've had my camera for three years and hardly ever shoot in manual, i just don't feel comfortable. so hopefully this would help!

Delia W

I would like to learn how to get the DSLR off "auto", RAW (and how this works) and what to do after the photo is on my computer..

Would love to win this and thanks for the chance!


I so want stop using "auto" settings, but I'm a little afraid :)

Caitlin Cannon

I want to learn how to shoot better in low light.


I want to get better at working with light settings.


I would love this class...My sweet husband bought me a new camera {60D} for Christmas and I'm scared of it. LOL Help me get acquainted and I'd love you forever!

Brian Borup

I know the basics of my camera but I would like to have assignments that require me to use the different settings and get more familiar with the less obvious settings.

Brian Borup

I'm pimping your class on my profile too. :)

Erin Joseph

I want to learn more about lighting, but mostly I just want to be able to take beautiful pictures of my children, instead of {almost} cringing when I look through the pictures on my camera! :0)


Amy Ferguson

Wow this sounds like a great class!

Lisa S.

I would love to learn more about lighting. Thanks for the chance to win a spot!!


What a wonderful class Candice. I took your class at CKU and I remember, you definitely pack in a LOT of material. I would love to see a video of you shooting a portrait in various lighting situations (like a behind the scenes)& see how you correct for exposure, sharpness etc. so that the pictures look great straight out of the camera.
My cousin asked me to take pictures of her and I blew the exposure on a number of them and have to edit the pics now. I'm not good with PSE so the edits will take me a while. I wish you could've stood behind me while I shot and coached me while I was shooting :)
Thanks for the chance at winning !


I loved taking your class a little over two years ago, it changed everything for me!! I've been telling friends and family about it for years, just posted a link on FACEBOOK! :)

ellen patton

I have no direct sunlight in my condo so I'd love to learn how to shoot without my flash. I'm crossing my fingers!

Sara S

Oh how I need your help! Thank you so much for the chance to win!


And I just posted about the class on my blog for an extra entry :)
~Thanks again for the opportunity!


I want to learn how to work around how cruddy my best lens can be in semi-low natural light. A little bit. No miracles are expected. ;)


I want to learn how to take better indoor photographs without a flash.

Thanks for the giveaway!


Posted on my blog: www.krystnhinojosa.blogspot.com

Thanks again!


I've gone about as far as I can go on my own...I've tried reading the books and working through them but it's almost like I need an interpreter to really grasp the language and understand it. With five kids an online class would be the perfect way for me to take a class.


I also just posted on FB about the class...wishing and hoping in Milton, FL :-)


that photo of sarah is just stunning!


I took portraiture 101, but would love to go over the basics again! Count me in! I'd love a free spot!

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