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April 11, 2011



OMG. Are you kidding me? This is A- mazing. Okay, so that is one of my very FAV books and we, too, read it for book club, but our meeting didn't look ANYTHING like this!!! I'm thinking of suing. She's a lovely girl that hosted, but I feel gypped and someone needs to pay. Just say'n


Fabulous! I love all the little details. BTW...nice to see you posting again. I don't think I've ever commented before..but I was an avid reader before :)


Loved this book and your party looks amazing. I love the garland and the lights in the tree.


So fun!! I dream of throwing a very similar party one day! So beautiful!!

kim g

I am so glad you are back to blogging...this post is beautiful. Love all the touches....I am going to add a few of these to my Easter table.....thank you! Creative, beautiful, amazing!


I LOVED that book! At first I thought it would be hard to follow, but it wasn't long before I had finished and was wishing I had more to read.

Beautiful dinner you set up for the book club. What a fun evening!


Wow! How lucky are your neighbors! Such a pretty and creatively themed dinner.


It turned out great. No wonder no one in your group wants to go next. This could be in a magazine spread. It looks so amazing.

Alicia W.

Wow! What great styling skills you have! I am also a big fan of that book. I totally want to load up my camera and take off to Guernsey each and every time I read it.

Kim bolyard

this is wonderful...i have always wanted to have a dinner party in my backyard like that...love the lights and the table settings. What a wonderful night....thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas...



What a fabulous party!
I know you teach online photography classes. Do you teach any in person classes? Small groups or one on one mentoring? I am local and would be very interested in taking a class from you.

Rebecca Narinesingh

Wow, what a great party/book club get together. We also read this for our book club and it was one of my faves. Our get together did not look like this though!

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