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September 07, 2011


Tracy Reed

Would love to see your tutorial - your ideas and photos are always so inspiring!


I love them and would love tutorial too!!

Valeria Sequeira

The pictures are Awesome Candice!!!


I would Love to learn how to do this. I'm a new follower who found your picture on pintrest.


Love it, please do a tutorial.


I would love to see a tutorial on this….bring it on!

Tonyia Karwanski

HI, I just stumbled upon your blog, and think it (and You) are awesome! I would like to follow your blog but am having trouble finding the subscribe/follow thing... could you perhaps email me with where its located? bebedoll74@live.com Thanks!!!


These are great photos. I found your blog through another blogger who created her own and linked back here for your tutorial, which I plan to watch and learn. I agree with you and your sister about the three ways to decorate. Currently, we do the cutesy stuff, but I've seen so many cool vintage-styled decorations and projects online that I'm wanting to go that route.


Love Fredricksburg! Great shots!


Would absolutely love the tutorial! My grand-daughter and I are always searching for this type of photography..real or not. Love the pics!

Lilia Armenta

Oh Yes!!! A tutorial perfect ...Your pictures look amazing ..I would love to try this for my pictures..

Susan Butler

I would very much love to do this and am just learning of your website. Very interested in your online classes as well!


Did you ever make a tutorial for this ??? It is so cool and I would love to know how you do it.

IT recruitment

I actually enjoy looking with these photos! they look so real! in fact I was amazed! you happen to be excellent in editing! thumbs up for these!


Way to use the internet to help people solve probmles!


Apparently this is what the esteemed Willis was tkailn' 'bout.

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