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February 26, 2007


Jody Ferlaak

Hi Candice, remember me? (CK SOY Jody...)
I don't know why I haven't had your blog in my list of favorites yet, but it's there now. So good. So much for me to think about and learn from you. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing yourself, your family and some of your "secrets". And that Valentine post about the letters from your dad! I can see there will be a new tradition in my home next year. Or sooner...since I sometimes do things a bit more quirky in life. I just might start writing my kids 'love letters on St.Patrick's Day'...great idea, either way.
Have a terrific week, and I hope your heat stays on. =)

Kim Cherry

That just wandered up to your house???? That is so freakin' cool!!! I won't be home during the chat, other wise I would log into it. I'm sure there will be tons of peeps there. You are quite the inspirational scrapbooker! :)


wow! this is awesome!!!!


Beautiful pic. Too cool that it just came right up there.

I was hoping to go to the chat when i heard about it last week, had SO much fun in your class at CKU houston, but we have a kindergarden meeting (I'm so not ready for this). Hope you have a great chat.

Ashley Schultz

How cool is that? Great picture!

erin yamabe

what an awesome photo! stopping by for my first time. lovely blog.


this is so cool!!
what a beautiful photo and how cool is that to have a peacock near your home
totally rocks!!

Divine Peacock

peacocks are so beautiful, there is something so inspiring about them.

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