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February 22, 2007


Kim Cherry

i agree with you on a lot of those choices...especially jack johnson! old jazz greats are definitely on my ipod as well...miles davis, ella fitzgerald, chet baker. there is sooo much excellent music out there!
have a great day :)


I've never known anyone else who liked Jamie Cullum! I have all of his albums. Good stuff! Twenty Something is my fave, though. I'm liking Ingrid Michaelson too... thanks for the tip!

Rhonda Steed

Great list!
Your list sounds a lot like my list would be.
Two other of my favorites....
1. Renee Olstead (i love all of her songs)

2. Theresa Soykyra

Ashley Schultz

I also love Regina Spektor and just discovered Ingrid Michaelson and really like her stuff. I also adore Norah Jones. Jack Johnson is good too.


Check out this song ...

by these guys (obadiahparker.com)... love it....

Ben Folds is scrapping music for me, too ...


Unbelievable how well-written and ionfrmative this was.

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