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February 11, 2007



Great shots, love the 2 different looks! Looking forward to Tuesday :)_

Elizabeth Pellette

these shots are both fantastic.. ( what lights are you using? - curious cause you mentioned them ) Good Luck with the upcoming audtions.


cool shots. love the edgy one mostly!

susan opel

I really like how you captured the two different sides of your Mark! That edgy one is super cool. What a difference different camera angles make!


Ken Erney was wondering if you would mind doing a new headshot for him when you're in town. I told him that I would ask.

I LOVE these shots of Mark!


I really think your husband looks a lot like Orlando Bloom!!

Is he part of the Human Festival? I have read LOTS of those anthologies over the years!! I can't imagine actually being a part of it, though!! How cool!

Rhonda Steed

I love how you made him look so different with his facial hair, the lighting and the angle. So cool. I am curious about your lights too! He sure is a looker!

beth opel

Hi Candice! I agree with Courtney about the Orlando Bloom, and I would like to register a vote for the slicked hair, tie slightly undone look! Professional but potentially naughty! Just like you hee hee. So I am going to need to learn about these lights....great results!

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