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October 20, 2007



A-dorable, fun to get some cute fabric and make that.


I love your creations! !akes me wish I was a better sewer(sp?)!!!


These are adorable!


Cute cute CUTE! You and your mom make a great team. :) I'll have to give those a try. :) Can't wait to see more of your daily crafts. :)

Layle Koncar

The cutest!!


oh my goodness. how cute are those? I will have to make some of that cuteness! Thanks for the idea!
and it's great to see you back on the blog. I know what you mean about missing your dh when he's gone. and how tough it is with the kids... mine is in the navy and goes away a lot. (((hugs))) and by the way, those boots are cute too!


candice, these are the cutest and you made it sound so easy to make, my non-sewing self might dare to give it a try!!!
I wish I lived in Utah, I would be all over a photoshoot with you:)

Deanna (The Apronista)

So Adorable! I love the funky trim best of all...


these are awesome!

ooooh i am excited to see you post your other projects!!!


So cute I may have to get my crafty sister to come over and maybe make some unique Christmas gifts for the ladies in the family.

amanda kay

how these are so cute! i just might have to make one for my mom for christmas..well before christmas lol.


these are too cute - if your mom is up for selling them - I want to be in line.


Ooh, those are so cute! I really love the black and white one. If you were selling it on Etsy I would definitely buy it from you :)

Joscelyne (Joscie) Cutchens

I had to copy your idea and finally had the chance to make it to my fabric store! come see my pictures http://www.cutchens.com/joscelyneblog/blogger.html

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