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October 26, 2007



we are going to have a tea party too, yes? :)
i want to make some of those cute cookies!

Candice Kennington

Candice I found you! I was doing searches for all my old college friends and I found your site! How exciting to see how you're doing. Your boys are beautiful! I'm so glad to see you're still continuing with your photography and doing so well. I still have several "Candice origianls" from our freshman year. Neal and I are doing great. I just started a blog about 4 months ago and I'm really enjoying it. That's what prompted me to start searching for old friends blogs. My blog address is nealcandiandben.blogspot.com feel free to check it out. Anyway just thought I'd say hi. Take care! -Candi


i missed days 1-6, but thanks for the ideas you were able to share!


Hey you - starting to worry you hadn't updated! I hope it's just that you're busy but know I'm thinking of you! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween! ~K

YOU have been tagged...go to my blog and check it out!

You have been tagged...go to my blog and check it out!
kiss kiss


That's a cleevr answer to a tricky question

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