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October 23, 2007


kerry lynn

LOVE the garland. LOVE love LOVE!! and dude. THAT is ALOT of candy corn!! lol


ok, Candice - this is just stunning. Off to make one tomorrow! :D


Sigh. Glad you posted a picture because I was just blogging about you and your fabulous ideas!

jen paddack-hyde

this is the coolest:) I may have to make one of these. Thanks for the inspiration:)

chris jenkins

this is awesome!


just found you from EK's link & appsolutly LOVE this decoration. I started looking at fonts trying to download them but i'm not exactly sure how to print to fonts larger, what should i be doing in order to do that? & i love that black garland, where did you get that? hope i'm not a huge bother, thanks so much for the great ideas!


Wow! Thanks for the inspiration -- it's awesome!!!

Allison K

The the entire effect with the quilt and the jars!

lovely cee

goshhh! how darling. you're so generous with ideas> thanks for sharing!

Emily (skrpbkmom)

Okay, that is just adorable!! I'm going to have to make one for myself!! Thanks for the craftiness!! :)


Hi there - first of all - adorable, love the Halloween stuff! Secondly, I need to know (if you would be so kind) - what is the color paint on your walls? thanks :)


Wow Candice (and mom) - this looks straight out of Martha. I ADORE this! Thanks for all the great inspiration- you are awesome! I need some of that black garland/branchy stuff- is that painted or did you just find it somewhere?? I'm so missing the multitude of Utah craft stores!!


Wowza, that is one hot garland!


That is awesome, I love it! Our workplace is having a decorating contest, now I know what I'm going to make!


Loving all your ideas, Candice! I keep coming back every day for more! :D


So darling!
kiss kiss

Karen K

Hey! That is way cool. I love the muted tones, not over the top bright colors! The mantel display is really eye-catching! Go Moms!

(PS I actually met your mom in Anaheim, she was in the room adjoining mine. Very nice lady!)


To answer some of your questions that Candice may not have answered or may not know, I'm posting to her blog.

Yes, it looks like tons of candy corn but there is a glass cyliner vase turned upside down inside the apothacary jar. The candy is between the jar and the vase. It is the only candy that I haven't had to keep replenishing. I guess candy corn isn't too popular at my house.

The paint color I did before glaze was the fashion (and before you could buy glaze) so I don't remember what the color is. It was just a medium beige color. I used 2/3 water and 1/3 water based paint. You roll the paint on a small section at a time and then smash plastic drop cloth onto the wet paint. When you pull the plastic off, it makes the interesting texture. (Now that you can buy glaze, you might want to use it. It gives you an added richness/depth.)

I made the quilt about 5 years ago. It was a published pattern but unfortunately I can't remember the name or the company that designed it. Sorry.

The black branch garland is flocked. I purchased it this year from The Gatehouse...a decorating store in Orem, Utah. I haven't seen it in any other store around here.

I tried to get Candice to show you more of my halloween decor but she only wants to show you things you can make yourself not things you can buy.

Happy Haunting from Kim...Candice's mom


I am loving the quilt and the candy you are displaying! What a yummy idea!!!!!!!!




The whole display is fantastic! Love the quilt and the garland. What font was used for the "H" and the last "E". I have been searching for a font like this since last year.


love, love, love how this is styled!

Chef Bren

This banner is outstanding.
The whole mantle works so well together. This looks professionally done. It looks like it came out of a high end decorating magazine.
WOW! :) Bren



You know how I feel about this garland because every time I go to your house I can't stop talking about it. ;)

Victoria Collins

I love this idea. I found this project a little late to get it done for Halloween but I think I may try to make something like it with a Christmas theme for my mantel this holiday season.

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