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October 08, 2007



Hi Candice, I found your blog site thru Suzy (she is on my AMM group). I had to post to you how adorable and wonderful this photo you took is!!! AWESOME work!!!

Scrappin' Smiles ~ Kristy JO

Elsie Flannigan

Oh golly! :) You are amazing, candice! WOW! I am in loooove!

hanna long

Candice - Have you ever done an article on tonality?? How do you get this tonality in Photoshop??


That's basically the cutest picture I've ever seen. Ever. I'm sad you're going to be gone this weekend while I'm off! Let's play next week, K?

Stephanie F

I heart that picture! I think that I need a huge poster size print. Don't you?


VERY sweet!


that is so adorable!!!
what font are you using for your watermark? that is cute as well!


Hey there Candice....

So...gotta a couple questions for you..if you don't mind.

What type of camera and lenses do you use? I am assuming that have joined the digital movement; but I am still interested in what equipment you are using.

What is your "go-to" lens? I *love* my 85mm f/1.8. I seem to use it more than anything else. I use my XT right now, but want to upgrade to the 5D. I should have done so long ago, but thought better to invest in glass instead.

What are your thoughts??? Camera investment/lens investment???

Thanks for any advice you can share....


Liz Ness

This is so cute! Love the textures and that little guy's smile!


Love you. Have a safe trip to Orlando.


he is soooooooo cute! :)




seriously.....cute! Just wanted to say how much i love love loved being with YOU at CKU...YOU are such a darling girl and I am so glad I know YOU...Call me...E-me...totally want to see YOUR mm halloween stuff! Let's get together with Carrie for lunch!
kiss kiss

Laura Vanderbeek

I would love a chair like that on a great porch like that! Wonderful work!

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