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January 16, 2008



Oh, this brought tears to my eyes since all my babies are grown. It happened in the blink of an eye. Thank goodness I'm able to live them all over again with my grandbabies.

You are a great daughter and a loving patient mother. I love all the wonderful moments we have been able to share this year.

Love you Candice!


If it makes you feel any better I long for a great degree like photography. I know I'm practical and all -- but I missed out on a lot of neat creative ventures in college.


my son is grown and just about to become a dad himself, but there are still moments when he calls me becasue he needs to hear his mom's voice. He doesn't say that, but I know him and I know that. And I can remember how it used to feel when he would curl up in my lap and not want to let go. Now I can't quite do that, but oh to have some of these kinds of beautiful pics to remember by.


adorable. Love them both, but the color one just "speaks"


absolutely love the pics. the color one is definitely the better one. the red pj's with the red book. it's almost as if it was planned. enjoy this moments while you have them. they fly by faster than you can imagine.

karin ms

I vote for the colour one!

Oh, and my 9 and 13yo boys haven't given up the need for someone to talk to or to get hugs from yet, don't worry, you've got lots of quality time left :).




So sweet and precious Candice! Love this shot :-) They're both awesome, but I love the color one best.


such a sweet picture...i like the color the best with the glow of light.


That is an adorable picture! I really like the original the best. The colors are so warm. What kind of software do you use to enhance your pictures?

Joscelyne (Joscie) Cutchens

oh my goodness, love the sweet color version. it's just so yummy and rich. what a great shot!


as an artist/creative thinker, you can do it all!

even the investment banking. :)

super cool images...


WOW....just WOW! I definitely like the color one better. My daughter is 2 today, so I especially appreciate and understand your Mommy feelings.


I have always loved to see my little monkey's asleep and remember that I love them! ha ha! I love the beautiful colored one. It is so vibrant, yet so tranquil. That is what makes it so cool!

Emily (skrpbkmom)

Oooh, what a beautiful photo!! I love the color one! :)


I like color one better!!! great picture!!!!


The colored photo is awesome! It shows you everything that your son is into now...the colors, his book, etc. Awesome picture! Yes I do agree with the tantrums...they are always in front of a crowd or in the middle of the store! LOL!

Allison K

I love the color photo the best... such rich colors.
This is an amazingly lovely shot... speaks volumes.


I'm a big fan of Black & White but in this case, I prefer the color.


I totally understand! I have a 3 year old and a 6 month baby...we have lots of tantrums, but also lots of sweet moments. I definitely want to cherish it all, knowing they will too soon be grown up! I love the color photo- the warmth is amazing!

Brook Andreoli

I so needed this post today--as we had a grand toddler tantrum last night. This was so beautifully written. Thank you Candice.
P.S. I love the color version.


Wonderful photo! I love the warmth of the colored photo (even though I am usually a B&W fan!). It is crazy to thing how quickly these days will pass (I have 5 children 7,6,3,1.5, and 3 months). I know I will miss them, as crazy as they are right now!


wonderful shot. one that will be treasured.
the color one brings out more emotion for some reason. it's warmer, happier, and the light is superb.

thanks for sharing your creativity with the world. and may you make a million dollars someday doing it!


So true Candace, so true!
here's to special moments captured :)
oh and I like the color, it has that glowey night before Christmas kind of feel to it.

vicki Boutin

Made me cry! I love the coloured one!

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