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January 17, 2008



Oh my! Candice, this is awesome! Congrats on getting this launched...what a great idea! I took your photo class at CKU-Orlando in October and loved it :-) I would love to attend CPR, but I just wish there was an event planned closer to home in Florida. Hmmm...


Wow! That really sounds like a lot of fun!

Luann McElduff

When will they begin to take reservations?? This is so awesome and I know I don't want to miss it even though I will have to travel all the way from Texas. It sounds absolutely FAB. Congrats on getting it all organized...the lineup is so impressive.

Luann McElduff
Katy, TX


SAN JOSE?!! You are SO ME.
I'd better start saving my pennies. :) Any chance you'll need some TA's? Perhaps some local photographers to drool over all you fancies?
Remember, we're related! :)


Hello candice..I'm new to your blog Im seriously thinking about attending this cpr in calif.I think it will be fun.I would like to take better pictures.looking to meeting you and others at the cpr/calif.

Ali McLaughlin

Oh wow.. I would love to go to this.. maybe I can save up the money.


Wow! How awesome! Congratulations, Candice! So exciting! I would love to attend this!


WOW! CPR sounds totally awesome. I can't wait to hear more about it especially the skill level. I'm hoping it's not the basics of your camera but all ready knowing all the basics and taking it to the next level (hope that makes sense).

kelly goree

So proud of you, Candice! That will be one rockin' event :)


I think this is a perfect 30th birthday gift from my husband to me...what do you think?? See you there!

Joscelyne (Joscie) Cutchens

that is a super sounding event... I wish I could go... Congratulations!


I am so excited for this event a friend and I went to CKU together and the classes we learned the most out of was yours and Jessica's so CPR is a perfect next step! I even convinced DH that I will need to go to Stamford since San Jose (1 state over) is the week school starts boo hoo. I am so excited now to convince my principal that the time off is necessary.


So excited for you being able to turn this dream into a reality... I know you will make this one amazing event!

Patty W

Congratulations! How exciting!!

jen pebbles

wow!! That sounds like so much fun, I too need to save my pennies:) I hope I will be able to make it, it's right up there in things I want to do, maybe the hubby can come too and we'll make it a vacation:)


I can't wait to hear more about CPR!!


That Matt Adcock Character from del Sol Photography, not to sure about him :)

CPR sounds fun, lots of work and tons of good times!



I just found your blog from the Creative Photography Retreat website, looking for any more info about it...I'll be keeping your blog on my favorites now. Loved the recent pics and favorite song. Just wondered if there's any way to get more info on the Retreat...I emailed the contact person on the website last week for details and I still haven't gotten a reply. Maybe there's just one person responding to all inquiries? I just want to make sure I get to go! Looking so forward to it.

Liz Cancel

I found the info about the Creative Photograpy Retreat in a CK magazine. As soon as I saw it, I went to the website. I reall want to attend this event. After using a 35mm cameer for over 20 years, I am taking the next step and am buying a DSLR in the very near future.This would be a big learning experience for me. I also can't wait to meet all the expert scrapbookers as I have been doing this for about 8 years now and never tire of hearing about new ways to scrapbook. I have already made reservations at the hotel listed for Stamford, CT.
I can't wait to register!!
Brooklyn, NY

Colleen E   aka Chi-girl

Breaks my heart that I can't make this (I'm a teacher and it's the first week of school)...but maybe one day?! Sounds amazing.


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