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January 25, 2008


emily kate

I've been loving that song too!


That photo of Sarah is breathtaking, Candice! WOW! Here's to some smooth transitions for you!


OMYGOSH Candice...I just got LOST in those Flikr photos and captions for over an hour. I have to do this with all my moms pre and post war photos. Thank you so much for posting this link to Chalet's world, it has given me much needed inspiration. ;-)

Heidi Sonboul

1st off... your so beautiful and 2nd your photography is amazing!


Oh, hi face. I'll let it slide since there are very few pics of me I like and the ones you took, I actually like. Of course, all the credit goes to you. ;)

Those old photos are awesome!! Love how she wrote about each one! Thanks for the links. And for being a wicked cool friend. :)

Tiffany R.

North and South... My all time favortie movie. I own the DVD boxed set. I remember watching this movie hundreds of times when I was in grade school. My grandfather was a civil war reenactor and you can see him on the screen close up for several seconds during a battle scene. It made me love the movie so much and hooked me on Swayze!


What inspires you is a reflection of your inner beauty. Your willingness to share it with the world a refelction of your generosity. Your courage and fortitude will be the strength you and your family thrive with. Remember, everything you need, you already have within you. THank you.


Beautiful photos!


i'm a little bit teary reading this... i miss you guys so much too!!!
so proud of all of us going out there and keep on keepin' on.

and i totally would have watched north & south ;)

Mickell Gehret

CANDICE!!!!Wow. .long time no see. You look just as beautiful as ever. What have you been up to? Sheesh, it's been over 10 years since I've seen you. How's your family? So much catching up to do!!!!!!

Ashli Wilson

Just happened on to your site. so fun to get updated and see your cute family. Still in Utah?? We need to chat and get together


I really liked Sydney White. I thought it was funny- considering it is a teen romantic comedy. The $1 Redbox fee was well worth it! I will have to watch those other movies. Haven't even heard of them!


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I've been following you on Pinterest and I have just now discovered your blog for the first time. LOVE North and South and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Northanger Abbey. It was my favorite book in high school. I'm definitely a swoony Catherine type. Have you seen Lost in Austen? Another favorite.


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