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January 06, 2009



Okay, Candice, I think you thought of everything except....your printer. Is it a 12x12 printer? I've been searching for one--not readily available in retail stores that I have found. Love your creative, work of art room!!! Thanks!!!


Such a lovely room! I adore the chicken wire wall. So creative.


WOW! I love it!


It is great!! Great use of a 6x8 room, if you ask me! And I love, love the chicken wire wall. I'd love to do that in my house, but I think my husband would flip (we share the office). I'll have to file that in my mind in case we ever move and I get my own room!! Thanks so much for sharing in such detail!


Loved the article on CK and even more here, with all details and better views.
TJMaxx is TJMaxx, but looks like they have other brands with the same products most of the time (Marshalls Home Goods). I got my carousel pen holder there, too http://carlacavelluccilandi.blogspot.com/2008/07/meu-canto-de-scrap.html, and as a tip, for the newbies: if you dsee something that you really like, grab it and think later (you can always return). As a type of close out store, some products are one of a kind there
Tks, Candice, for this post!


Oh, that was so nice of you to give all that detail! It has inspired me! Thanks so much for going to all that trouble.


I scrap in a 4x6 converted closet and found your room to be of amazing inspiration to make it more adorable and functional.


Thanks for the information. Love the room!!! So much in one little place. :)

Alissa Hall

I love the entire room. The two things I love the MOST though are that you don't have an over abundance of stuff (a problem I can't seem to kick myself) and the chicken wire. I totally going to steal that chicken wire idea! LOVE it!

liz walker

Great room Candice, thanks so much for sharing!

Jody M

Thanks for sharing! My space is small and you have given me some great ideas. I love TJMaxx Home Goods, I don't shop there often enough.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

What a beautiful and functional use of space. These are great ideas.

I really like the idea of "vertical" storage so the wall solutions are really appealing. I also love those little 1-2-3 buckets. How creative. Happy new year.


Absolutely love seeing others scrap/art space. This is so organized. Love what you've done with such a small room!


LOVE your space! I enjoyed reading about it in CK and also getting more details here on your blog. My question.....how do you feel about the 6 x 8 size? Do you think you could go any smaller? The reason I ask is that we're trying to have another baby and I think I would turn my craft room (which is HUGE) into another bedroom. It just makes sense that way.....but we don't have any other nooks or crannys or large closets! So, we've thought about adding a large "pantry" in the kitchen that would end up being my craft space, and could be a large pantry for the next people who live here. I think 4 feet wide is about as far as we could go. The length could be more like 8 feet. What do you think about those dimensions? Is that WAY too small and not even worth trying? Thanks for your advice!


Everything is sharp and edited so nicely. Love the colors, organization and furniture/artwork you used. I can see why the fruit and vegetable bin was a hit. Not only looks good but the function is a plus. Thanks for explaining in detail your design. I saw it in the magazine and thought it just popped.


Forgot to add that the frog prince was my favorite thing about the room. How cute coming from your Prince Charming.


Hi Candice! I love reading your photography articles in CK and I loved taking your class at CKU-Orlando in 2007... You are awesome! :-)

Of all the rooms featured in CK, yours is most inspiring to me. Perhaps, it's because I love your color scheme and that you have modern elements mixed with a little vintage (just like I try to do) or just that you are so darn creative and organized. BUT whatever the reason, I love your space and what you've done. Thank you so much for this post and for sharing your finds with us. I have already ordered a couple of things based on your info. I do have one questions though... where did you find the oversized gold wooden letters? Love 'em!

Thx so much for the neverending inspiration,

Valeska ulm

Hi Candice! I am writing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I´ve been a Creating Keepsakes subscriber in a very big part because of your articles. I´ve also watched your videos on the magazine site, and they are also great. You are always very clear on your explanations, so I guess I have to agree with your sister this should be the reason people don't email about your articles so much. Your articles are great, your work is great and you tiny office is not different!


This has been so fantastic to read! My 'scraproom' is about the same size and I have a similar setup only nowhere near as organised! Youve done a fabulous job!!

Martha - EP

Am a huge fan of yours. Love your articles in CK and try to find as much about photography from you as I can. Hoping to get in on your next photo class at JS site. Thank you for sharing your articles and the explanation here. Love your room. Where do you keep all your albums, etc. I never seem to be able to keep my room looking neat, but it has a mixture of everything in there - maybe that's why.
Thanks for sharing


Thanks for sharing your ideas. A friend sent me here for some ideas for my new scrap room. I love the idea of the chicken wire. I am wondering if you could tell me what kind of clips you recommend using for hanging things on the wire.
You have great site. Thanks again for sharing!

Kelli Radmall

Uh-Maize-ing! Seriously beautiful. I read about all of the details. It is so cute.

Creole Wisdom

Your space is great. Especially because you've shown all the great, amazing stuff you can do in a small space. I live in Mpls and don't have tons of space, and so making a creative area in a small room is very important to learn! I love the use of red and black, and I hope white paint will go right over the chalk board when moving time comes : )

April Oaks

Oh my!!! I can never invite you to my house now! You are amazing!


Thank you so much for sharing more about your space! : ) I couldn't take my eyes off of the CK article when I saw it - I think your scrap room is the most beautiful one I've ever seen, large or small! All of the pretty details are just awesome.

May I ask where you found the fab colored pencil holder? : )

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