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March 27, 2009



I've always wanted to go to NYC and now you make me want to go even more. Some day....

I LOVE that picture...does your sister do it for fun or does she sell her work?

Alisha Hunsaker

I love the picture and now I want to visit New York more then ever! Is it possible to get a picture of my own?

Mary Jo

Curious about the print as well!
It is so fabulous :0)
Does your sister sell them?


This is so, so cute! I bet NY is so cool. If I had the chance to move there, I definitely would! It's good to hear that you are enjoying it.


Such a talented sis! :) And I'm SO happy that you've adjusted... :) I knew it would all work it and I'm so glad it has.
Time goes by SO fast, doesn't it?!??!


that print is *awesome*! :) and i love your list! so glad you're loving NY. i hope to have an opportunity like yours someday...experiencing the everyday life of nyc. :) thanks for sharing yours with us.


That print is so neat and your reasons for loving NY makes me wish I could move there...Yesterday.


That is fantastic, Candice! I am so glad that you're so happy there and I'm sure a huge part of that has to do with you're all a family in one place again :) (but we miss you here, too!)



What an adorable picture! Your sister is very talented!!! I'm glad y'all are loving NY. I'd love to visit someday. Everyone has good stories to tell when they return from there!!!


I love the picture! I also would love to know if your sister sells these because I sure would love one. Heehee


I would love to get one of these made too..Does your sister sell these?

Jenne Kissell

Wow, your sister is amazing?? The picture is so fun! NYC is like my dream place to go and this post speaks to me. The Musicals, Broadway, Brooklyn Bridge, shopping, parks,and so on. I would love to bring my family there someday. I love love loved #9 on your list so much I laughed so hard I could seriously pee.

Valerie Robinson

Can't believe that you've been in NY for a year! I ran into your sister about a year ago and she gave me the URL for your blog but I've just gotten around to posting :) Thank goodness for the internet!

Alicia W.

I loved this too! I have a friend who lives in NYC also...every time I read her blog I so want to go for a visit...this makes me want to visit even more. I am glad you are happy. Any change is difficult, but I love when a new place feels like home!


i LOVE this post! :)

Happy 1 year to your and yours!

liz walker

Thanks so much Candice, I've always loved the idea of living in NYC. I would give up my suburban Australian house in a heartbeat for the opportunity of the NYC experience. Maybe one day!


Wonderful! Being thankful for where you are--right now, today, is always the trick, isn't it?

Please, please, please tell us how we can "commission" work from your sis. My, my, my what a talented family.


I used to say the exact same thing about living in Chicago. Highest highs and lowest lows.


Just found your blog through Elsie's blog. And if you love umbrellas, you should check out some pictures my friend Erin just took for a bridal photo shoot: www.justthething-originals.com. You'll have to scroll down to her post from last week titled "bring it on". :) Love your sister's work too!

Carla Cavellucci Landi

Love the print!!!!!!
I'm living around for almost 2 years now, but I came from very far - Brazil. I feel NY in the same way: too much to do and see and look, and still can't do everything. My mind has opened a lot, my kids are experiencing so many things regarding cultures, diversity... NY smells bad, yes (LOL)but at the same time has a scent of creativity in every corner, you can feel it in the air, in every window shopping, in people clothes, behaviors, smiles... I feel like living in a movie all the time.
Congrats on the anniversary!


Some of us designers live in Manhattan ; )

Found you through your jumping umbrella ladies-- lovely!

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