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March 13, 2009



I am in love with these! Especially the middle one. Those balloons are amazing and SO big! I just love it! So glad your day ended on a good note... and so glad I live in Missouri where no one gets towed! :)


ooooh candice! i am loving these! cannot wait to see the rest! you and mark are so fun and talented! we talked the whole way home about how sweet a couple to two are and how much fun we had! can't wait for tuesday!



I just came across your site via rockstar diaries.

I am so sorry to hear that your day started out so roughly yesterday. But it is always nice to have good friends and family to help you through days like those.

The images from your shoot yesterday are so lovely! Will you be posting more of these? I too have been planning on doing a photo session using red balloons. How fun!


i am so sorry your day started out so bad. i hate when my mornings are ruined by horrible chance. but your pictures are amazing and i hope one day you can take pictures of me. now that would be exciting. hehee :) have a great weekend.


Candice, can i just say WOW! I am a fellow photog, and i just got goodsebumps :) Amazing shots girl..i hope that one day, I can be half as talented as you! What a amazing city you live in to have the kind of backgrounds and props...and so sorry to hear about the start of the day...isn't it great how art just makes everything ok and makes you smile :) Can't wait to see the rest :)


AMAZING! Love the photos.

But just as important is the message: you never really know how things will turn out, do you. If you keep plugging away--great, wonderful things come your way! Thanks for the inspiration.

Rebecca Boyer

What a day - but those photos are fabulous. And seriously...smaller balloons would not have been as cool!


wonderful pictures

Erin Bassett

Awww, it's so nice to have an awesome husband and great friends!!!


If glad everything turned out OK in the end. So sorry about all the drama. You seem to have more than your fair share. I was thinking about you all day. I love the pictures, especially the middle one. I can't wait to see more of them.

Chris Dodaj

I've had my car towed in NYC and it's not fun!!
The pictures are so beyond gorgeous!!

Frances Williams

wow, love the photos!! just curious, what do you shoot with?



I think the bummer of circumstances makes you appreciate the outcome of great shots even more!!! LOVE them, Candice!!!


Amazing photos, love the middle one and I love the balloons. If you ever do a walking photo thing in NYC let me know, I'm dying to see you in action and see what inspires you. It's fun to the see the city thru a different pair of eyes!


wow, you took a bad morning and really turned it around! that second picture is PERFECT!

kelli radmall

Those pictures are gorgeous! On what planet do they think they can charge that much to tow your car! Ug. I'm sorry about that.


I'm new to your site. Found you through Naomi of Taza and Husband. Your photography and style are amazing. Have confidence in yourself, please!

Btw, what cameras do you use?



Hi I came across this from Taza's blog. I'd really like to involve big red balloons like this in my upcomming meadow wedding. Where can I find them do you know? I'm a huge new fan of your work.

-Katrina King




Hi Candice,

I've been looking at your pictures and I just love them. I was wondering if you by chance do wedding photography and what your rates are, etc...Can we talk? I can't seem to find your email, but will you email me back at kacalder at gmail dot com.

Thanks (in advance)

Jacqueline Pfeffer

So lovely! I was so inspired by these, I brought balloons into a recent shoot of my own!


You saved me a lot of hslsae just now.


I see, I spupose that would have to be the case.


Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good ifnormaiton.


The voice of rationatliy! Good to hear from you.


shelly God has given me both a peace and a strong camomnd to stay true to Him for He is our husband we are His bride. What a blessing it has been to learn this over the past 9 months or so. When my eye/mind wanders He grabs my chin and pulls my gaze back to His. It is beautiful. Thank you so much for this encouragement it fits RIGHT in to what He is teaching me! You are a blessing girl! I'll be back at SWO next fall I hope to see you there!

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