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April 23, 2010



Dickens is so adorable! How fun that he even let you put the hat on...some dogs don't even let you get that far. New to your blog, found it via Naomi's (Rockstar Diaries) blog, and I love it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

lucille bloomfield

hey candice! i'm new to the blog, found you via the rockstar diaries (aka naomi) you're such an inspiring lady!
anyway, i loved this post. mostly because i love people who celebrate their dogs birthdays and people who do awesomely quirky things like celebrate the guy's birthday who made the first sewer! things like that make for interesting stories that will last a life time! - the farthest i've ever gotten on crazy birthdays was celebrating the members of *nsync's birthdays when i was little. to this day i still remember them. haha.
have a good one.

christa elyce

Hey Candice!

I just heared you moved to San Antonio! Oh my! I'm in Houston. We should get together sometime when i come up or if you come down. You must visit Houston. It has the big city stuff that might lack in San Antonio.
oh, by the way this is christa. we were facebook friends sometime ago!

your pup is adorable!


So glad your back!


Hi Candice!
I'm new to your blog, I found it through the rockstar diaries. I just wanted to tell you how much I really enjoyed your interview. I'm currently in the photography program at BYU (I'll be applying for BFA next Spring) and it was wonderful to hear from someone who has been here. :-)


My dad is/was an Environmental Engineer too....EVERYTHING caused cancer.....and still does.... ha.


LOVE THE DOG! I grew up with Scottish Terriers & yours is a cutie!! I adore his name as well. :)

Miss B.

Oh this is perfection:)

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