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April 18, 2011



beautiful post.


Candice, this is a wonderful post. The pictures are fabulous, and I laughed out loud at the last one. Isn't that how our very patient children always look in the last photos of a shoot !


Love these! I too understand the picky clothing problem of a son named Grant. We still have some long sleeve tees in the closet for winter that have tags on them. Really?

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful boys' lives! (And for inspiring me for your portraiture 101 class too!)


Such a heartfelt post! Thank you for sharing!...and your boys' are absolutely beautiful!


Priceless. Absolutely priceless--both your photos and your beautiful written tribute to Grant and Cole.

(My hat is off to Mark for training his sons to treat their mother with such respect, too).

Ana Cabrera

I can not believe how big the boys have gotten. I will still never forget sleeping on your couch and hearing... "Dad, there are girls on the couch".


Hahaha! That last picture cracks me up! I love those boys!

Kelli Radmall

Your boys really are very sweet. I remember when little Cole was in swimming lessons. They were both so awesome and fun!

Donna Jannuzzi

Hi Candice, I'm a new reader and poster to your blog, a mama to two boys myself (and one in heaven). I also don't like all the skulls and crossbones for boys... my latest discovery for nice classic clothing has been Land's End. If you sign up for their mailing list they send lots of coupons and have free shipping frequently offered on their site too. Just a suggestion. =) I've been happy with the purchases I've made there so far and if you're not happy they accept returns at *any time* after purchase.

Your boys are adorable, btw. And I too love that you shared that last photo. =)

Kristin Smith

This brought tears to my eyes. Even if I weren't a mom with three boys - :)
Well written!

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