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April 08, 2011



a handsome guy, indeed! and great shots by his fabulous wife as well.

so happy to see you blogging again, C!

Diana Chen

Hi Candice, I just saw that you will be starting a new portrait photography workshop at jessicasprague.com on 18 April. I would LOVE to take this workshop. I have wanted to do it for a long, long time. I have tried three times in the past to sign up for this workshop without success. I just haven't been able to click through, the link won't work to get to sign up, etc.

I've signed up repeatedly for email notifications, set my alarm to be there right as registration opens, sent messages to jessicasprague.com asking for assistance, left messages on Jessica's blog, but I've never had a reply.

Can you suggest any way that I could get to sign up for this workshop this time around?


Hi Diana! I know! That class fills very quickly every time. The best suggestion I have is to try to be there right before it opens and refresh the page. If that doesn't work. Email me.


They look fantastic, Candice! I really think that lighting worked (as if I'd have any doubts). I like the beard. :-) Thanks for posting them!!!

Alicia W.

He does look rather dashing with the beard! My hubby grows out a beard about once a year...I'm always surprised by how much I like it. BUT, I am also happy to have his clean cut face back when he gets tired of his scruff!

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