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July 11, 2011


Melanie VDG

Oh my stars, Candace! This is amazing! I love it! Where do you get your decorating ideas? Thanks for sharing!


Holy Craptastical that room is AMAZING Candice! I can't believe how great it looks! Ok, tell the truth about the white couches....
Also, what's this about north facing windows. I just reazlied we have a ton and I love how bright my house feels. Is that why?
I'm glad you had all your problems because that room is A-mazing. Nice job!


this is incredibly beautiful & amazing! Love the look of the white couches but you are BRAVE! I could never keep those clean (Esp. since my hubby allows our black dog on the couch, lol)


beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. can you come to my house next?


The house looks great. We recently remodeled our house and instead of staining the banister, I decided to paint it black. I love it! That way I didn't have to worry about matching the stain. Plus the old wood had some deep grooves that were going to be hard to cover. Just a thought.
Here is a link to the pics:


The first years wave stroller

wow! that room is stunning Candice, i think you could be on one of those remodling shows, you definitely have an eye for great design.


Love it! You've got a great sense of style!


It looks AWESOME! Totally inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


I LOVE this! So clean and white! Love the black and white! The curtains are awesome and I love the gallery wall! Awesome!

Alicia W.

Love it! I've already decided my next house must have more North facing windows as well. I'm so glad you were able to find a place that fit your criteria!


I love how you turned a tragedy into a blessing for your family. It's such a beautiful home. You, Mark, your mom, and your family are incredibly talented. What a fantastic team effort!

Who would have thought to leave empty frames for the baby pictures? Candice, of course. Now that's thinking ahead!

I like how you managed to find a subject (Dickens) to pose for you, because I know how you like to make portraits in lovely settings. :-)


wow, your house is amazing!!!!

Sandra Ludwig

The curtains are so fabulous! They stunned me by just looking at them. Although it would be lovelier if the white ones are pushed to the side to let the sun light up the room. Also, the furniture are so inspiring! Look at that center table, isn't it something?

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The living room is awesome, specially those antique furnitures. It reminds me of neo-asian themed condo units.

Lisa @celebrate-CREATIVITY

You and your mom did a fantastic job on these window treatments. I love the bold contrast and it works perfectly in your family room space. I have a similar floor-to-ceiling window dilema so I may consider this.

The photo arrangement really pops too.

Congrats on the new baby. He's adorable and the announcement is gorgeous as well.

Amanda @ Heart Tree Home

I love your large gallery wall and the tall curtains! Great work; the space really came together...

Elizabeth Brown

As I was looking at your pictures, I thought I was looking at the picture of an apartment done by the professional interior designer. However, when I read your blog I was proven wrong. You are so good at choosing the things for the house.

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