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August 03, 2011



Oh Candice, he is ADORABLE... and I'm betting you looked pretty darn good. :) Silly girl. Enjoy every minute. I know you will.

Kari Holt

Um. WOW. So super cool!!!! Totally love this and can only imagine how awesome this would be from month to month!

Diane Payne

Awe, this is precious! Congratulations!

Kimber Hodson

That is a cute idea! I hope you continue with it. Mark did a nice job with the photos, and you're looking fantastic! I always felt like the Saggy Baggy Elephant for months after having a baby.

naomi megan

i like this idea. he is beautiful and you look great. let's catch up soon. i wanna hear all about sebastian's debut into this world.


He is so beautiful, and I think doing this monthly is a great idea! I hope you share the other monthly photos as well.

You always look great no matter what!


Oh, so sweet. I miss him...and all of you of course.


Love it!!! I need to come see you guys...


Congrats! He's just perfect. And I love your living room, btw...

Nicole S.

Congratulations!! :) He is so sweet!


I love this idea! I might have to copy it. And congratulations!


THIS is a GREAT idea and one I haven't done for any of my other 5 children:). LOVE to find something new and original for each of the babes...

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