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September 13, 2011



Thank You! So fun. Loved learning about the gradient tool. Who knew?


So fun. Can't wait to do this with my little ghosts. Thanks for the tutorial. And I say YES to more of them!! :-)

Shannon Taylor

THanks you sooooooooo much, Candice!!!!! I'm so looking forward to trying this!!!!


Thanks for the tutorial. I would have tried something way more complicated! I'd love to know what you did to your Italian panoramic pics, just loved those as well!


I have loved your work for a long time. Please do lots more! Halloween pics are so fun.


I loved it! Looking forward to trying it with my girls.


Excellent! It reminds me of the what you did for the Creating Keepsakes magazine years ago, but you've added some other techniques. I love how you're always improving on your techniques and photography; you're work continues to get better and better.


i thought i had this on all figured out, but the gradient is something i didn't even consider! love it.. thanks miss candice!

Alicia W.

Wow! I love the tip with the gradient! I think I might just have to give this a try. Thanks Candice!


Thanks Candice!!! Wonderful work on the tutorial, even I can follow it:) I think you finally have me convinced to make the jump from iPhoto to PSE. I am going to follow your advice about taking Jessica's class on it too.

Adorable photos, what FUN!!! Totally fits with my Vintage Halloween decor, can't wait for the kids to get home!


LOVE this! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I can't wait to go try this with my kids this afternoon. Thank you!

Jennifer P

Fantastic! Much appreciated.


that was awesome! thanks for the tips!

Susan C

Hi Candice,
Thank you so much for posting the ghost tutorial. Your shots are wonderful! I will try to get my boys to the cemetery or another appropriate setting to take some of my own ghost shots!
By the way, Congratulations on the arrival of Sebastian! (I hope I spelled his name correctly) The pictures of your mom holding him are beautiful!!!


Thank you for posting this Candice! You are super! I am really enjoying your class by the way!


I love these ghost shots! I am going to try to make ghost pics with mt dogs!


Thanks for the tutorial. I loved it.

krafting kelly

Wow, what a fun tutorial! More, please! :)

Ashley S.

Thanks so much for the tutorial. It was great! These are so much fun! I would love to see more tutorials. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills with us.


Thanks! Going to give this a try today. So nice of you to make a tutorial for us.

denoya gomez

I just came across ghost photos and am so excited to find this tutorial :) I did not know I could use the gradient tool like that, how fun!


Thank you so much for the tutorial!! I can't wait to try it :)

brandy messer

i am so intimidated by photoshop or any editing for that matter, but i think i may give this a try...love the look!! i have enjoyed your work for years, and cant wait to see more! happy halloween!!!

Sarah Elizabeth

Thank you for this wonderful idea. I did it with my kids and it turned out awesome (if I don't say so myself ;)) Here's the link if your interested http://reidgirlshandmade.blogspot.com/2012/10/ghost-photography.html


This was amazing and I can't wait to do it! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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