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September 07, 2011



Hi! I'm a new follower! And would defiantly like to know how to do this!!


the photos look awesome


I would absolutely love a tutorial on this. I've played around with a Phillip Maisel-inspired technique that kind of reminds me of this, but it was all done with a camera and the computer. These look so cool!


Hi Candice!
I LOVE what you did here and would love a tutorial!



Sandy Thelen

I love these! A tutorial would be awesome.

Jan Knapp

Very cool! Another vote for a tutorial. I love learning new things in Photoshop.


Fantastic images, Candice. I would love a tutorial ,please :)
I live close to historic battlegrounds in Southern Maryland and would love to put this technique into action. Halloween also just so happens to be a favorite holiday of mine!


My grandsons would love photos like this! How did you do it?

Jennifer P

Fantastic. My kids think this looks fun. A tutorial would be awesome!

Charmaine Ikach

These are SO cool! Love them. . .I'd love a tutorial! :)


What a fantastic idea! Great Photos!

Nicky from Canada

Oh Candace - I would love to learn how to do this!!! Great photos

Shannon Taylor

What a GREAT GREAT idea!!!!!


Please please please do a tutorial!


Hi - I'm a new follower, just ran into your blog from another, love the idea of this please do a tutorial!

Sara S

I tried this once but it didn't turn out nearly as nice as yours! We took some next to a "dead end" sign that was spooky. I loved the banner you made too!

Kim H.

These are fantastic images! I would love to know how to create them. My husband served in the San Antonio, Texas mission and his first area was Fredericksburg. I'd love to go there with him someday. :)


Those are great!! I would love a tutorial!


these are awesome!! right up my semi-spooky alley. would LOVE a tutorial!

Ami Looker

Love it! Please do a tutorial!


I would love to see a tutorial.


FUN FUN FUN! I'd LOVE to see a tutorial!!!


OH MY Heavens! I would love to know how to do this. Halloween is my favorite holiday and this could add so much to so many aspects. LOVE them!

Alicia W.

Yes! Bring on a tutorial...this would be fun to do (although I have a feeling it would slightly freak my kids out, even if the photos were of them!)

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