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October 31, 2011



Beautiful, Candice! I had fun switching between the photo of your Halloween mantle and the photo of your Easter mantle. Yep, I'm pretty much in awe of your decorating skills. :-)

Those spiders are the creepiest things I've ever seen. They're perfect! And I loved the story about the mice.

Shannon Taylor

I LOVE the photo of the chinese lanterns with the fireplace in the back. It looks like the fireplace has a face like it dressed up for Halloween too. hee hee hee CUTE!

Nancy Riley

Your house looks incredible! I wish you would come decorate ours. Our orange basketball hoop in the entrance will have to serve as our splash of holiday color.

What a great story about the painter and the mice! The mice and holes are just too clever!

Melanie VDG

This is fabulous!!! Thank you so much for the class! I learned so much and just had my first paying gig (okay, technically the money went to the school--but I was the one taking the photos that people are going to get from my camera with things I learned from your class). Yay!


I love your Halloween decor.... can't wait to see your Thanksgiving and Christmas decor!

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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity
and originality now. Keep it up!


Wow! Your house looks amazing! So festive and fun!


Candice, you are SO talented! I've loved having a peak into your home through you blog. I'm so envious of your amazing skills. Your home is just absolutely beautiful and your pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing them. It made me smile!

debbie shipley

Awww, I feel the same way about those photographs!
As for the painter, what a wonderful person he is to take the time to do that, and to care so much....not all contractors are out to pull a scamm as they say, and this proves it!
Love your entry way!!


I found this from Pinterest, and LOVE it! It's amazing. I featured it here on my site:

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Cute ideas! We don't really decorate much for Halloween. But what you did to your house is "wow"

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What an excellent tale about the artist and the mice! The rats and gaps are just too clever!


if you're fairly sure they can chew thrugoh the plastic on those cages, get one with metal bars (which they can chew on but not thrugoh it keeps their teeth short but to avoid the noise from that, get them other things to chew on).they have metal cages with plastic tops which you can put tubes on, also which the hamsters would have fun running thrugoh and i don't think they'd be able to chew thrugoh the tubes (except maybe at the entrances but mine don't).


I'd highly rememcond a metal cage. Glass aquariums don't breathe very well and it can get hot and stuffy.Also, be sure to provide plenty of chew sticks and hard treats/foods so they'll be more likely to chew on those than the cage.If that doesn't work, there's always other animal deterants like Bitter Apple, but those don't always work and it depends on the individual animal.

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