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November 05, 2011



you guys look fantastic.

Laurie Pecotte

I think you guys are the coolest parents ever! I think your costumes turned out perfect!

Alicia W.

Wow...great Bellatrix, Candice! Looks like you all had fun!

M VDG (from Brklyn)

Wow!! Great costumes! Did you get one as a whole family? I love it!

Frankly Entertaining

You didn't even mention the super long line at your trunk! Definitely the coolest car there!


If you showed up at my Halloween party, I would welcome you in with open arms. If you showed up looking like that on any other day, I'd probably run and hide. ;-)


I love this! And I especially love Ron's red hair. You guys totally fit. And who else could the boys have asked you to be? Mrs. Weasley? :)


You gotta admit, you made a GREAT Bellatrix. Very impressive!!! So what was the baby?

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