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February 24, 2012



He's growing up so fast. I'm sorry he's not feeling well.

BTW...love the quilt. Aren't you glad you bought it?


Oh, I hope he will feel better soon and then you can all sleep. I have almost 5 years between my girls but did not find a way to adjust that much, so if you find a trick let me know! Have a great day.

Sara S

My oldest kids were 2.5 years apart so that wasn't bad, my third came along when my daughter was 11 and my son was almost 9. That was 2.5 years ago and we're still adjusting! Now of course she sleeps through the night (that look about 9 months) but the other kids are busy with sports and activities so the baby gets dragged to all that, we have to plan around nap times, etc. I hope he feels better soon and lets you get some sleep!

Kimber H.

*Is* there an easy way to adjust to having a baby? I had five, and it was like starting over again every time. Take those little smiles and those tender moments as the rewards for all the hard work you put into him. You're a good mommy!

Pam Heggie

Hi Candice! I'm a random fan from Canada. :) I just thought I'd let you know that I have three little ones, 4, 3 and 1, and you'd think I'd be used to baby mode by the third, but his sleeping patterns have really has thrown us for a loop! He's sleeps nothing like the first two, and even though we're in full baby mode around here, it hasn't helped us cope! Lol.

Basically he just would wake up at night and cry for what seemed to be no reason at all, and it was night after night. He'd do better for a week or so maybe, and then start all over again. He did it from about two or three months I'd say? No matter what we did trying to get him back to sleep, NOTHING worked...no amount of rocking, jiggling, soothers, bottles, breastfeeding, white noise, swinging, swaddling did a single thing. In fact, it just seemed to make him madder! And trying so many things to no avail just made us madder too. :( So we finally just gave up and started "hanging out" with him. I would watch tv when it was my shift, and my husband would play video games...all through the night. He was happier and would just kick and chill out, and eventually he would seem to tire, and would FINALLY rock back to sleep.
Once he was 6 months old, I felt he was big enough to sleep train, and while it helped, it didn't solve everything. He would sleep better for a few weeks, and then we would have to start all over again. But once he was bigger, we would let him cry it out a bit more, because going in and trying to pick him up or check on him just made him madder when we left...basically, I just don't think that kid likes to sleep through the night! Lol. He's 17 months old now, and STILL wakes up at night every few weeks for a few nights in a row. We just let him fall back asleep on his own, and then he's good again for awhile. I've definitely learned that every kid is different!! Good luck figuring out what your little cutie needs. :)


this is one reason we aren't sure about having another. My daughter is almost 7 & I don't know if we can "start all over again"....decisions....


Jeanette, it is a hard decision to back into baby mode and obviously we are having a few growing pains but I don't regret having him for one second! The most amazing part has been seeing how much our older boys love him and help care for him. They are such good big brothers. The hardest part for me has been going back to work while still wanting to be with the baby all the time because I know he is our lastand I want to enjoy it!

Brett Borup

Candice: I love these photos! The light is really great. They have such a fresh, light feeling, great composition, and of course the subject is great.


Susan C

Candice, he is adorable! And, he looks so much like your handsome hubby! I love how you captured his feet and hands together in the full body shot! These pics are precious!
My older son used to wake up and cry for long periods each night. It turned out to be severe food allergies and excema, hopefully that won't be the case for you, but just a possible cause.
I hope you and Mark get some well deserved sleep very soon!

Edward McNamara

Oh, that always comes along with teething. My youngest child was always in a bad mood when she was in the teething stage. I'm sure, he'll feel better soon.


Gosh he's a cutie! Yep, that sweet little face makes us feel so guilty for wanting to throw them out the window the night before....:)

Hope you get some answers from the doctor and everyone sleeps better soon!

Nicky from Canada

We had our 3rd when the girls were 14 and 16, and we learned to adjust quickly. Sleeping was the hard part but he will be out of that faz before you know it. Horrible when they are sick. Now Brody is 10 - the girls are 24 & 26 and have such amazing relationships. I can't believe it has gone by that quickly.I did find it more difficult, because you get used to the flow but what joy he has brought to all of us. The best part was all that loving with a little one again, enjoy, it goes by way too quickly.

Brett Borup

These photos make me smile every time I see them....and I look at them a lot.


Sue I.

I think you've already discovered how to adjust again -- just look at those photos!!! What an adorable baby! There is a 13 year gap between my daughter and son...I remember how hard it was to have an infant again...but I always tried to remember how fast they grow...and before I knew it, my daughter is 28 and my son is 15...and I try to remember that I made it through the teenage years with my daughter!!! LOL!!

Aisha Khan

Hi Candice. What an absolutely beautiful little boy! I have two boys that were three years apart. They are now 17 and 14! The oldest will be a Senior next year! The time goes by so very fast, and I long for those little baby smells, hands and feet and all that goes with them! I know that it seems impossible for you now, but just try to take one day at a time and ENJOY the good moments - which always outweigh the bad moments. :-)

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Such a lovely and a cutie baby! Love the pictures!


I loved Harvey Karp's book and his '5 S's' for calming fussy babies. We started using a Brookstone digital sound machine (you can also get free iPhone apps that do the same thing) 5 years ago with Madelyn and we are all addicted to it now. Having little ones is hard and sleep deprivation makes everything more difficult. Hang in there mama!



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Oh a cute little one! He has a gorgeous eyes! lovely!


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