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June 02, 2012


Julie G

I think my 11 year old would love this! I just finished your Oh Shoot class last month and thought it was so helpful.


oooh. this looks so awesome. what a great idea! bronwyn has a camera and davis is saving up for one. crossing my fingers. . .:).

Lisa linton

My two boys ages 11 and 13 would dig this! They are going to London next week so this will be great for them to practice!


Would love for my 13 year old to take this class! Thanks for the giveaway!

Cindy B.

My daughter would LOVE this!!!


My 8 years old boy would love it, we live in Playa del Carmen , Mexico!


This is great! My 8 and 10 year old both want to do it!


I think this class will be perfect for my kiddos this summer!


My son has shown a lot of interest in photography lately, he would love this!

Mom Cheryl

My son would love this class. He wants to take my camera and use it constantly. He was taking pics of everything. Signs, stairs and floors...

jen maines

my 10 year old son would love this class. then i may actually let him touch my dslr!

Misty King

What an awesome idea. My 11 year old daughter would love it!

Marica G.

How cute is this class! My 10 year old just bought herself an iPod Touch so this might be a perfect start in learning about photography!


My 10 year old will love this!


yes please!!


What a great idea! My daughter would love this class!


This looks like a great class.

Barbara Holland

I'm going to share this with my nephews! I think this is a great idea... I hope one day you do a workshop here in SA too! :)


This sounds like a great class for my son.

Heather - Speckled Egg

My daughter would LOVE this! Sounds so fun!

Katie Densmore

It looks like a great class! My daughter would enjoy it.


SOunds like fun! My 11 year old daughter would enjoy this!

Alicia M

I have 3 daughters, 7, 12 & 14 whom have all showed a great interest in photography. They would all enjoy this class.

jenn mccabe

Both of my kids said "yes!" they want to do sign up for this class this summer ... so excited! looks like a lot of fun for them (and me as I get to watch them learn!)

Ashley C

This sounds like a great class. Thanks for the chance.

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