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June 02, 2012



I think my son would really enjoy this class. Thanks for offering it!


My son would love this...he is 12 years old and very creative. I would love for him to learn how to take better photos! Maybe I would actually be in some photos then as I am currently the official photographer in our family! :)

Alyson @ Family Style School

My daughter would love this. She is 11. Thanks for the chance.

Alyson @ Family Style School

I shared this on facebook! My 11 year old would love to win this. Thanks for the chance.

Tanya Smith

My 9 and 10 year olds would LOVE this! They are both into photography.

Tanya Smith

I also posted about this on Facebook!


This sounds absolutely fantastic - maybe my son can teach me a thing or two whem he's done!


Love the idea.


What a great idea! My daughters don't get a chance to take photography (or any other exploratory classes) in school because they are in the band program and that's their only elective class. I would love for my daughters to take this class so they can use my point and shoot camera when I upgrade to an SLR.


My 9 year old daughter would have a lot of fun!


My 12 yo would love this. We started some photography stuff recently but a class would be perfect for her.

Kelli A.

My oldest would really enjoy this! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

Amy Cutshall

My 10-year-old would love to be in this class. she loves taking pictures!


I love the music and you are too cute! I think my 9 y/o DD would enjoy this class. Thanks for the chance!

Brie P

This would be such a great gift for my daughter's 9th birthday! She would LOVE it! Thank you for the chance to win it for her. :)


"PLEASE PICK MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" A direct quote from my son.


This class looks perfect for my budding photographer. Thanks for the chance to win a spot


What a great idea! I think my 8 year old granddaughter would love it. Thanks for the chance.

Amy M

My daughter would love this class!

Liz Brown

What a fabulous idea! I know my girls would LOVE to learn some camera skills!

Tony Geotog

Great idea to start them young apreciating both photography and nature.
I would love to see this resource in Geotog.com it would fit perfectly in the 'Workshops' section.


Thanks for the chance. My daughter would look it.

Erica Martinez

This is all the buzz on the blogs that I follow!

Erica Martinez

Are you in San Antonio? I recognized Kiddie Park...where is the first place that comes out in the above video?

Tricia Ensz Watson

This looks so fun!

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