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June 02, 2012


Ami B

My son would go CRAZY for this! Sounds wonderful!


My son was super excited when I told him about this class.

Petter Joe

this is nice article. i just enjoy when i read the article.


Hi Candice! I learned about your photography class for kids on 1+1+1=1. I think it sounds great, but I see I'm a bit late to put my son in the August class. Is there any way to purchase access to your lessons in an at-our-own-pace format, without the level of interaction you'd have with a live class? We homeschool and I'd love to make this part of our fall lessons. I could not find an email address to ask you this. Thanks!


Is there any chance you could offer this class as a self-paced video archived class OR if you would offer it again this fall? We would love to have a few of our homeschooled children take this class. Please email me if you would.

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This will be a great photography class! everybody will definitely love to join your class.


My son would love this, but we live in Australia, would you concider a winter class(your time) so it runs over our summer break? Or maybe some other time in the year to fit in with Australian school holidays?


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I will share this with nephew! I think this is a good idea... I hope one day you do a workshop in SA also! :)


Thinking like that is rellay impressive


I'm not wtrhoy to be in the same forum. ROTFL


Your post cpartues the issue perfectly!

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